The new place for coworking in Lyon 7th district

The coworking café is a new alternative for home office and company desk. This new place proposes to work on a relaxed atmosphere but still with working comfort and privacy.

How does it work?

The DKGONES is a hybrid workplace where you can work in a shared space (coworking) but also can host professional events or meetings.

The new district of Debourg-Gerland is starting to be attractive as well for students as for companies, and our modern slowcafé can be your new place for work sessions.

You can come without reservation, as a nomad worker, for an hour or for all the day. Our opening hours are currently from Tuesday to Friday 9h – 18h. The space can still be reserved for professional events from Monday to Friday, for half-day, full day or evening, and can also be privatised in the weekends.

Click here to check when the café will be closed for private event.

DKGONES services:

DKGONES Coworking

Coworking space

The café is composed by a big unique room reserved for coworkers. That is a garantee to get the quiet environment for work sessions. But you are still in a slowcafé design, and there are all the services related.

Coworkers pay the time they spend in the café, 5€ per hour, 25€ per day (20€ for student) and a batch of coffees, teas, fresh drinks are available unlimitedly and free as long as you stay. We also provide you some snacks on a buffet.

You can also order other drinks at reduced prices and also get lunch food.


For people who don’t want to work, we still have some tables outside to get only a drink. There is no fee per hour or day, and you pay only the drinks or foods you order.

Wifi and electrical outlet are reserved for inside places.

At the end of the day, if the coworking room is empty, you can come inside for a drink. Don’t hesitate to check and enter.

DKGONES Terrasse

DKGONES antigaspi


The place can be rent, privatised or semi-privatised according to the size of your events. We mostly host professional events (meetup, conference, reunion, business meeting…) but we can accept occasionnaly some private events (birthday, reception…).

We sometimes propose some events organized by us.

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